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Hi, I'm Monica: Transforming Lives and Empowering Women to Live, Not Just Exist

Are you a busy professional, always putting work and others first, and neglecting your own health and wellness? I understand. I was a barrister for over 20 years, juggling the demands of a high-stress career. It wasn't until I hit my mid-30s that I realised the toll it was taking on my body.

At 35, I stood at a crossroads - 13 stone, falling into the BMI category of obese, my stomach hanging over my size 16 jeans, and grappling with the consequences of a life centred around work, late nights, and unhealthy habits. Determined to change, I embraced a healthier lifestyle, incorporating nutritious eating and regular exercise with a Personal Trainer.Fast forward to today, I'm Monica - a 51-year-old midlifer who conquered her own battles with health and fitness. I swapped the bar for barbells, and now I'm dedicated to helping women like you transform their lives. As a certified Exercise, Wellness, and Nutrition coach, my mission is to empower you to put your health first.

Midlife can be challenging, with hormonal changes, children leaving home, and the uncertainty of our place in the world. As your coach, I offer you the tools to navigate this phase with grace. Through personalised exercise plans, nutritional guidance, stress management, mindset coaching, and prioritising good sleep, I help you embrace midlife as a liberating time.

Navigating midlife presents a multitude of challenges - from the impactful departure of children from the nest to the responsibilities of caring for ailing parents and grappling with the profound loss of loved ones. And on top of this there are all those hormonal changes that come with perimenopause and menopause. It's a stage where life's twists and turns can feel overwhelming. As your coach, I provide the tools to gracefully traverse this complex phase. Through personalised exercise plans, nutritional guidance, stress management, mindset coaching, and good sleep protocols, I empower you to embrace midlife as a liberating time despite its inevitable trials.

I've been there - overweight, disinterested in exercise, and caught in the grind of a demanding career. But through my own journey, I've learned that midlife can be a time of excitement and rejuvenation. Let's work together to ensure you energetically age without growing old, living life to the fullest.

Ready to prioritise yourself and embark on a transformative journey? Let's chat. Allow me to guide you towards a healthier, more fulfilling midlife and beyond.

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